October 11, 2011

Urban Stripes, eBook

It's done.... the eBook, that is. I'm very pleased with the final product and the way it all came together.

It is up on Bead Patterns web site as a download.

You can find it here.

Now that my eyes are getting better I can start working on a print version over on Amazon's Print-on-Demand.

But then again, maybe I'll go take a few walks and look at the Fall foliage, which is finally starting to show some real color around here.


Here are some more beautiful examples of what Urban Stripes can produce. Members of the original on-line group keep posting more finished examples. If you're on FaceBook, you can look at the public gallery of finished items. It's well worth the time to page through the photos to see some great necklaces, and bracelets too.

Here are both of Doreen's necklaces. The brick accents and soft green work quite well. She used a NYC photo to extract her colors and they came out right on target.

This is her Urban Stripes 2. See how well the patterns show up and mix with each other?

Peggy finished her Urban Stripes 2 in a 32" length as she said that suited her a lot better than a double necklace. Now she's going back and making a second Urban Stripes 1 in this length to match. Peggy said, "Your "string X inches" method makes doing the adjustments section by section very easy."

Mary Ann has already made a bracelet from the instructions in the eBook. It's wonderful to have an Editor who is also a fantastic bead crocheter. She used the colors from Terri's necklace set in the eBook's Gallery - also in size 11/0 beads.

if you want to go back and follow the original String-Along from the very start, it's all here on the Blog at http://beadline.blogspot.com/search/label/string-along


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Congratulations, Judith!

    It's been a lot of fun watching the progress of this book from start to finish. You created a fun event for your beading friends to participate in, and wound up with an attractive and appealing ebook to sell. Great job!

  2. Hooray, Judith! Congratulations on a job well done! This was such a fun project! I strongly encourage anyone who wasn't able to participate in the string-a-long to purchase this book! These are some gorgeous ropes!

  3. Very Cool. It's on my wish list!

    Pleased to read your sight is improving.

  4. Hooray....just bought ebook and it looks terrific....I hope I can follow it....
    Thanks for previous help and encouragement!
    Regards from Toni in England