October 20, 2011

Urban Stripes & No Easy Beads

Beverly Herman of No Easy Beads, out of New Orleans is one of my oldest beading friends. We met in Arkansas over 11 years ago and have beaded together all over the USA. We can both remember when all of our beads fit into a single small Plano tackle box. Bev is one of those people with a madcap sense of humor and I don't think I have a sane, serious photo of her. Point a camera at Bev and ask, "What are you working on?" and the above is what you're likely to get . . . along with a few choice off-the-wall comments.

Bev and I have tested each others beading tutorials, instructions and patterns over the years. She has a design and color sense that is precise and unique. I must say that Beverly produces some of the better written instructions sets that are out there in the beading world. When I need a showcase piece for publication in colors other than my own crayon brights, I'll generally ask Bev if she can do it for me in her signature colors. Her favorite colors always remind me of ancient, rich, Russian Icons; dusty, deep mattes with the sparkle of metallics mixed in here and there.

Bev has just finished her second Urban Stripes necklace and both of her pieces together make a fabulous set. Again, she has taken my pattern set to a new level of opulence with her colors. It shows how a simple set of linked patterns can become totally different in someone else's hands.

Here are two other pieces of wearable art that Bev has crocheted for me. See what I mean by the richness of the colors that she chooses to use?

Diamonds and Daggers from "Patterns & Graphing for Bead Crochet Ropes".

Go take a look at what you can find at No Easy Beads - I'm sure you'll fall in love with the unique things that Beverly makes.

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  1. Judith I loved this post. Every time we got together was the best time! I love those kodak moments that remind us of the fun we had. I do treasure our friendship and miss getting together to bead.