September 14, 2012

African Stripes - two necklaces

African Stripes, the String-Along, has finished up.  We are all starting to enjoy the fruits of everyone's labor as photos are posted of the finished necklaces.  Once again... these are all from the same pattern set,  it's hard to believe it at times,  but what people do with my patterns gives me great joy.

 Toni didn't like long blocks of a solid color so she deleted them and made her Love Letter necklace a short version.  The two pieces together are a delightful color composition.

Julie choose a most unusual color set.  Not African (to my way of thinking) but more fairy-land modern looking.

Marcie did the more traditional colors with the added interest of black dyed bone rings.

Marlene adapted the Love Letter necklace with a longer pattern section addition in yellow.  Her solid color blocks are delightful in blue.

Sandy did two Mud Cloth necklaces and added just a touch of a third color to each of them.  What I do like is her Love Letter necklace with the pattern sections in matte transparent beads.  It takes it into the sophisticated range.

Marty added extra pattern sections as she did her necklaces in 11/0 beads.  Just a design note:  With the original 5 pattern sections, they lay across from the solid sections when the rope is doubled.  Note that Marty's six pattern sections line up with another pattern section rather than a solid section.


  1. I love all these! Thanks for the eye candy!

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful! I'm always amazed at how the choice of colors can give the same pattern such a different look!