September 17, 2012

Approaching Elder Status - selling out

 I have too many things.  I've collected stuff for way too many years.  Does one really need almost 200 fabric table cloths?  Now 200 bead tubes is another matter - they don't take up as much space as tablecloths .... do they?  OK, it's time to downsize and make two studios fit all into one studio.

I've gone and opened an Etsy Shop to make this easier.
First off is the good stuff  -  Brand New Unique magnetic Clasps

I've just finished listing all of the bead-crochet magnetic clasps

Finally I have some great clasps in a beautiful selection of colors. The best is that I can reproduce all of those colors, so if you want more than one or two, give me a yell and we can talk.

Then there is the "Selling Out" part - The cleaning out process, like.....

 Monograms - I can give you a great deal on C, H, & G monograms... I'll even throw in the napkins free of charge!!

The Shop is still building and I hope to get a few things done every day for a while.

Next up will be some vintage 1920's glass pearls and 1950's Czech Mambo beads.  In the early 80's I stuck my hand up at a rural auction because they said, "beads"  and  "no bids" - well I bought a 50 lb box of vintage beads for $15 and I still have about half of them left. Anyone want to save me the trouble of listing a whole bunch of vintage beads?  

This is going to be very interesting as I have to make everything from 2 houses/studios fit into one 950 sq. ft. space.  

So, help me out.... keep checking Bead Line's Etsy Shop for some good deals.


  1. Alicia M. Hartley12:37 PM

    What's your asking price on the box of vintage beads?

    1. contact me privately as it's not something I care to open to public discussion.

  2. so will you be staying in New Hampshire or Arizona?