September 18, 2012

Wire Play ~ Ring Sculpture

Somehow, when I have wet, gooey, or drying colored material . . . it's hard to keep from touching, poking, dipping, or testing if it's dry yet.  I can't walk away and come back in several hours and say, "oh yea, it's dry now."

At least with the resin clasps I have these dribs and drabs of colored resin left in the pouring cup and don't have the temptation of poking at the actual clasps.

When you use wire to poke at it, you get what could be neat colored head pins.  The only problem is that this is way too thick a wire to put any beads on.

After seeing the color tipped wires sitting on my desk for a week or so, this germ of an idea floated by.
Wild, colorful stacking ring.  
I have a metal allergy so I had to seal the black iron with paste wax and can't wear it all day.

What a neat thing to throw on to go grocery shopping or to a gallery opening.  It sure gets commented on & starts lots of conversations.

Just don't let those iron wire rings anywhere near a bracelet with a magnetic clasp.

A desk sculpture that I had not planned on!

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