December 30, 2012

Bead Buying in Tucson

 I've had an idea for a necklace made with a diverse selection of different beads for some time now.  Something like this photo grouping.

 However I really don't want 20 to 30 of each bead.  If  I got 12 to 15 strands, that's one heck of a lot of leftover beads (300?).  I was wondering if anyone else might want to join me in a sort of bead buying co-op?  The Gem show runs from the last week of January through the first two weeks of February.

I shop the Tucson Gem Show every year and here are three strands that I've picked up in past years.  Unfortunately the red beads are dyed MOP and I take them out just to play with every once in a while.  I knew they would fade if I used them, but they were so nice feeling in the hand that I couldn't resist.

I'm pretty sure I can find unusual and different beads for between $8 to $12 per strand wholesale.  I'm thinking that 12 people could split 12+ strands and have an eclectic mix of beads that nobody else would have. That is if you would trust me to pick the bead strands.  If there are about a dozen people who might have an interest, (click  to contact me)=email me and I'll figure out how this would work and what a total cost would be.


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  2. Hi there, I have admired your work for a long time! I do some bead crochet, bags and such, but I have yet to attempt a rope. I read that you are experiencing some inflammatory arthritis. I am so sorry. I was diagnosed with it this year and have been in treatment since last summer. I am very thankful that I can continue to bead, but it requires more effort. I hope you feel better soon !

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