January 12, 2013

Green Snake

OK, the fingers don't work all the time right now and I'm having trouble finding enough "swollen joint"-free times to get decent samples crocheted.  My sister wants a snake lariat in 8/0 beads.  I said I'd work something out and (hopefully) teach her how to crochet it.  She says she'll learn it quickly, but that's going to be a maybe, we'll see.  She can get rather pushy and loud when she's frustrated.

Is there anyone out there who might be willing to help out?  I'll provide a PDF that has two test patterns on it.  Try the patterns out, see what works, change out the bead colors and get back to me with photos and/or notes on what you like and find works.  Facebook interaction is OK also.

Please, don't ask if you're going to file it away for a someday project.  As an aside, I do have an appointment with a specialist on Feb 15th.... finally!

9:30 PM, 1-12-13,  Thank You, I have plenty of crochet helpers at this point.  


  1. Hi Judith: I'm sorry you're having problems with your hands - hope you find something soon that helps! If I can help you out at all, just holler...I do have 8's in greens and white/beige similar to what you have in the photo above. Jeanne Evans E-mail is:
    beaddesign at optonline dot net

  2. Hi Judith,

    I would love to help but am unfortunately in the middle of an unexpected and sudden move of address. If you can't find anyone I would be available in about a month.

  3. I may need to order beads--I have an assortment of pastels on hand, though and could in a pastel colorway.


  4. Judith, if you can't find anyone. I would be happy to set aside my projects and do it. Can you provide a suplies list for everyone so we would know if we have the stuff?