February 14, 2013

Arizona Chilly

It hasn't been HOT here in Arizona at all this winter.  As a matter of fact, it's now snowed twice and had 10 days of temps in the teens.  

 The first snow was a pretty dusting and gone as soon as the sun came up.

Then, in the middle of all of the Gem Shows in Tucson, we got a little over 2" of fluffy white stuff.  As long as I didn't have to go out in it it was quite pretty . . . for a long as a day and a half.

Bob Block's photo
So, to add to the chilly, my Sister opened an ice cream parlor down on Allen St. in Tombstone. It's adjacent to her Mercantile.  Next time you're in town, stop in for a malted, sundae, sandwich, or bowl of chili.

Close my eyes sitting on one of those stools and it takes me back to the 1950's in Virden IL where my Uncle Bert had a soda fountain and always had a streak of grape syrup in his white hair from fixing something.

Must be something in the genes as the other side of my family had a small chain of hamburger joints about the same time near St Louis MO.

Not for me. . . food service is a lot of hard work.  I think I'll stick to beads and beading.

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