February 18, 2013

New Beads ~ Duos

 I had a few of the new Czech Twins and Duos last year and had some time to try working with them.  At the Tucson Gem Shows I did take the opportunity to stock up on a lot more colors.  Don't you love the shock of the neon brights and the subtly of the Picasso colors?

These beads work up quickly into beaded beads to slip over a bead crocheted rope or as a button shape.  I need to do a couple more rope beaded beads but will continue the Delica edging through the center as a tube to help stabilize the overall shape.

The most interesting discovery is that you can use the BCPD Software to help design patterns for Duo Ropes. My Computer Partner has this bright idea and tried it out.  He needed a bit of help with getting his thread paths sorted out, but overall is pleased with the results of the experiment.

 If you want quick gratification, these beads are just perfect.  Due to their size, a project works up very quickly.  However they also have some elegance to them and are not just a bunch of large chunky big beads.


  1. I love what you're doing with these beads! And I wish that software was available for Mac users!

  2. Love the texture! Have you tried it with Czech Rizos yet?

  3. Oh, what stunning designs! And I do love that neon color.

  4. I love that red Beaded Bead made with duos. Where can I find the pattern?