February 14, 2013

Tucson Gem Show Report 2013

I didn't have the stamina to walk all the aisles of the shows I normally visit.  This year I made a list and went and saw individual vendors.

Of course one still has to walk by a lot of very pretty things to get where one needs to go.

If I had my way, every sphere I saw like this would be in my back yard.

 Fish, seems as if everywhere I looked there were fish -- fish rock sculptures, fish fossils, fish beads.... lots of fish.

 The 22ND Street show is just three years old now and has some of the most interesting & beautiful fossils.  This show has become one of my "must visit shows" for pure enjoyment.

 Forerunner of a Giant Stag and possibly Moose
Giant turtle

Then there are the beads.....  at $1/strand these might not be the best quality, but there were a lot to pick from and some decent strands could be found.

I indulged in a few strands of Amber.  From the price and the look I'd say they are copal not amber.   Copal is not the fossilized, hardened resin that is known as amber, but rather an immature, more recent tree resin.

Oh, I did a goodly job of spending my budget this year.  I specifically went looking for examples of the newest 2-hole and other Czech shapes. Two-hole lentils.... now just what can one do with such a fascinating bead shape?

Neon-bright, florescent colors seemed to be the theme this year.  Anything from 2-hole Czech Twin beads to oriental rubberized larger beads.  I'd turn around and there were the flashes of the overly bright colors.


  1. I'm curious about what those crowns in the top right will be used for. Great colors of everything!

    1. the crowns will be gifts for some of the women I bead with during the year... "Queen for a Day"!

  2. I want about 3 of those giant beautiful spheres,also. Thank you for the photos. I can't even imagine a place so full of beads. It looks like you got a great selection. I will be watching for what you do with the 2-hole lentils and bricks. I ordered a few for myself this week.

    1. I have a bunch of smaller spheres, I just lust over the big ones, the ones I can't afford, the ones too big for me to even pick up!

  3. Those red ones to the right below the crowns - those are so pretty they look like candy!