January 16, 2006

Felted Bird Bag

It's been awhile since I've had a major creative slump. This time it's been a couple of weeks since I've felt like doing any beading. Maybe it was because I was dealing with replacing a furnace and doing some minor interior house things with nails, hammer, caulking, paint, and curtains.

This morning I woke up with a picture of a bird in my head which quickly translated into a needle felted piece that cried out to be a small bag or purse.

While constructing the purse I discovered that you can felt with a hot steam iron. I needle felted the edges of the bird square to the purse flap and decided I wanted the felting to be nice and flat -hence the hot iron. As I ironed the back of the flap, I started patting and rubbing the wool fuzzies with the hot steam iron. I was surprised to see the fibers become matted and then felted to the wool fabric. Cool - now I won't feel like I really have to line the purse to hide the fuzzy wool on the back side.

Now that I have this piece out of my system I can go back to working on the wild orange, purple and yellow "sleeve" purse I had started a couple of weeks ago. I have about 4 beadwork items that are each half to three quarters finished. Then I need to start dedicating some time to getting the next bead crochet book a bit further down the road towards publishing.


  1. Beautiful, Judith. Reminds me of petroglyphs.

    Funny how these creative blockages work themselves out, isn't it? The one thing to remember is that they always do eventually.

  2. Some times those creatvie blocks seem to last as long as a cold winter season. What a great piece to bring you back to creating. It won't be long and we will there to inspire and create together. Just a few short weeks.