January 23, 2006

Ultimate Bead Buying Trip

A week from now I will be in the middle of my yearly bead buying trip - The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! This is not just any bead show, but SHOWS. They take over the entire city of Tucson. There are about 40 major shows; wholesale gems & minerals and 5 major Bead Shows. You have to pick and choose as it is difficult to do it all.

I am trying to get organized to do book signings at:
The Best Bead Show
Main Hall
Booth #41 - "The Bead Spinner Lady"
1 pm to 5pm on:
Wednesday, Feb 1st
Friday, Feb. 3rd

If you are going to be in Tucson, stop by The Best Bead Show, get your book(s) signed and say hello. I will finally have a chance to meet Rita Sova of Bead-Patterns She will also be at The Best Bead Show. We've had email and phone conversations for years and I will finally be able to put a face to a name.

Next weekend several of my beading friends will arrive to stay with me and do the shows. We will be a small house full of women for a little over a week. We always have a good time going to the shows, sharing treasures, giggling and eating well. At the end of the visit we will put our feet up and have a "Bead Day" in my studio with a few of the local beaders. We can ohhh and ahhhh over all of our bead finds and maybe use some of them in a project or two.

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  1. I hear those beads calling our names!!