January 9, 2006

Winter Studio

My NH friend Folkcat, sort of issued a challenge to show your studio or work space.
I thought I might show you my Winter Studio in Tombstone AZ. I restored an old Adobe that I suspect might have been a small rooming house at the turn of the century. There are 3 rooms, all the same size, one behind each other, each having (at one time) a window and outside door. The kitchen, bath and (now) laundry are on the other side of a central hallway.

I have a gate and separate entrance to my studio from the street. If it's warm enough, I take a break in the mornings and sit outside as it's East facing and nice and warm in the Arizona sun. My Eastern friends tell me that they are going to have issues with me if I keep mentioning 75 degree weather!

As you enter the door and look to your left, you'll see my desk and computer along with messy piles of bills, notes to myself and piles of paper - things that I'm working on, or should be working on. Then there is a long work table that I pull out and use for in-studio workshops. It is a handy place to dump things rather than put them away where they belong.

From the same doorway, if you look right is my beading table; also a handy flat surface to pile thing on. I frequently take a tray with my current beading project to other rooms and even have been known to bead in bed. Two sets of shelves hold my beads and supplies, with office supplies being in a cupboard. I have a nice rug for a dog that visits with his owner almost every day.

I'm currently working on a freeform necklace to go with my "Memories of a Louisiana Swamp" bracelet.
It's progressing slowly at the moment as I've had to many other things going on at the moment.

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  1. Very cool, Judith! Thanks for playing!

    Your space looks so much better than mine does right now. You'll notice that I only showed my knitting space - not my beading space. That's because my beading space is currently buried deep under piles of "stuff that lands on flat surfaces". In other words, all the craft supplies I've bought lately that haven't been put away yet. :)