September 22, 2006

Bead Crochet Kits & DVD

Bead Crochet Kits For Sale
I have finally added a selection of bead crochet kits to my Bead Line Press website. If you don't want to invest in a lot of beads and spools of thread, these kits will suit perfectly. They contain everything you will need (except a hook) to make a bracelet.
The fun kits are the "Rainbow" series. These bracelets always amaze other beaders as it's the thread showing through clear beads that produces parallel bands of color. They are like Magic! The nice thing is that you can order them in either 11/0 or 8/0 beads.
A New "How-To" Bead Crochet DVD
In November I'll have the starring role in an Abba Dabba Production DVD. Watch for it to be on sale by the end of this year or early 2007.
Leave it to my youngest sister to put things into perspective!!!
she said, "So my sister is a DVD Queen... are ya gonna Dance and sing in SPANDEX while you bead? you know "POWER BEADING!!! "
Now that image of myself is very hard to see in my head. I'll be content if the DVD clearly unravels some of the mysteries of how to achieve a good slip-stitch bead crochet rope.


  1. Have you started working on the soundtrack music yet? Here are some suggestions...

    ABBA, Dancing Bead
    The Bee Gees, Beadin' Alive
    The Bee Gees, Swarovski Night Fever
    Patti Labelle, Beady Marmalade
    ("Voulez-vous crochet avec moi?")

    Now we just need to dress you in platform shoes and lots of glitz and glitter...*grin*

  2. I really like this blog. Its clear, easy on the eye, with lots of details and photos. I adore the translucent bracelet and yes I want the kit, Maybe that will be the one that finally keeps me going on the rope theme. If you have the time, I'd appreciate your comments on my blog site, or anyone elses for that matter.

  3. just so you know, you photos can be retrieved from the camera after its has been deleted. yes, it can. don't do anything with the camera, no more pics, no formatting, etc. take the camera to a nearby photo tech place. using their systems they will retrieve the photos and then clean up the chip drive (format it) In Hamilton, it runs about $25.00