September 9, 2006

Think Big?

With two abodes, I sometimes goof and leave something at one that I need in the other. Such was the case with magnet wire the other day. I got a call from TWIST, a Bisbee AZ Gallery to send them some more Emmy Earrings and found that my 1 lb spool of magnet wire was in Arizona.

I asked a friend if he knew where I could buy magnet wire locally. Well, he gifted me with this spool of wire, saying, "this is close in size to what you were looking for, can you use it?" Yes it is and yes I can.......but there are 40 lbs or 6 miles of 24 AWG wire on that spool! I guess I can finally try out crocheting with wire and not worry if I mess up a couple of yards of wire. Now what do I do with the other 5.90 miles of this wire? Got any ideas? Remember .......think big for any creative ideas you suggest.

After a month of work, the Bead Line Studios web page has bead crochet bracelet kits for sale. I now firmly believe that putting together the actual kits was a much easier job than building a web page that functions correctly. I'm of an age that when I have to remember something new, something old has to fall out of my brain ....... I think they jokingly call it "Senior Memory". Now maybe I can get back to some pure creative beadwork - what was that I was working on?

Peony bracelet in the Flower Series:
The center piece is done and I'm about ready to add the bumpy side straps. I'll be working on this and other bracelets in this series at the New Hampshire Bead Society Retreat next weekend. I'm looking forward to three days in a communal cabin on a NH lake with about 20 other beaders.


  1. The web page may have been harder, but the kits will need to get re-made again and again as you sell items. So it all balances out in the end.

    What to do with miles of wire? Hmm. Make kits for making Emmy earrings, perhaps?

  2. VBG..Don't think so ..... that's 525 kits and more work than I want to do right now!

  3. I think that you should crochet tinsel for the christmas tree. Although it's still September and we don't to think about the holidays until Thanksgiving.