September 30, 2006

Season Changes

The ferns are already taking on their Fall colors.

The roosters were crowing when a cement truck arrived outside my apartment. My Son was having a shed floor poured..... so no sleeping in this morning. It was 7 am and 30 degrees outside. Everything was covered with frost and the early sun made the landscape sparkle. It reminded me that Summer is over and fall is really here.

The trees are turning colors and the prediction is for a lot of color this fall. This is what it looked like outside my windows early this morning.

It's time to put away the bright colors of Summer and get out the rich, muted Fall colors. I changed over my wardrobe earlier this week and it feels good to be back in jeans and long sleeved shirts again. Now I need to clean the bright colored beads off of my work table and get out the bronzes, dark reds, gold, and the more subdued, richer colors.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the fall colors. It's hard to think of fall and winter when the tempature is 76F tonight.