October 27, 2007

Maine, Beads & Ocean

I took a mini-vacation and went to visit friends in Maine. I got to have the ocean the way I like it: no people, a chilly windy day with the ocean crashing wildly against the rocks. Then we sat inside with a fire in the fireplace, made waffles and looked out over a small round inlet at the lobster boats and battened down sail boats. This year when I go to Arizona I may have the opportunity to go visiting in Los Angeles and could then say I'd traveled ocean to ocean.


Oh those glorious, brightly colored, irresistible beads.....
On the drive up, I stopped in Freeport ME to shop at Beadin'Path. I had wanted more of their Lucite flower beads for a project or two. I've shopped at their booth at various shows, but this was my first opportunity to actually visit the shop. It is one of the nicest set up bead stores I've been in. I got lost at the Lucite wall and didn't go much further. I bought strands of the light weight, very colorful flowers to incorporate into a finger woven bracelet. Aren't those yummy colors and shapes?

Then there were the leaves ...... different shaped leaves, including some long graceful ones in an almost pea-green color. I think they will work in the bracelet, but if they don't they will find a home somewhere in future beadwork.

Now, just what do I do with these beads? I have no idea what I'll do with them, but they just sort of followed me home? They had my name on them even though sherbert colors are not my usual style. I fell in love with the shape and feel of the beads; matte smooth, not quite round, something you just have to run through your fingers over and over.

What's a trip to Maine without a lighthouse? Here is the required Maine photo of a light house. It sits up the hill from where the top wave photo was taken.


  1. Wow.. what a haul at Beadin Path. Those lucite flowers and leaves are amazing. And the beads look positively edible. Great stuff!

  2. Judith those leaves are awesome!! You got the the cream of the crop in your short visit to the shop