August 13, 2009

Have to Play

While cleaning up I found all of the Home Depot samples and color cards that I didn't use for the house project. I really hated to throw them out, thinking that there had to be something useful (creative) I could do with them.

Well, Granddaughters make lariats. I made plastic lariats and key chains as a kid. I have this paper shredder sitting right next to my desk. Why couldn't I shred the tri-fold paint color brochures into nice even strips of paper? Who said that lariats had to be made with plastic gimp?

So I sat and watched some TV and folded paper just like I did the plastic gimp in my youth. Interesting patterns emerge. I like the elastic feel of it. Sort of has the same elasticity as bead crochet. That is until you pull and stretch it to the point that it breaks. Oh yes, it is paper.......
Two colors of construction paper helped me see where the patterns come from as you fold the paper strips. This one was one orange/red strip and three yellow ones.

Takes some time to get back into the rhythm of the folding and not have to think about which strip goes over and under which strip. Now I need to remember, or look up the folding pattern that makes the rope spiral.

The Formica sample cards are nice and solid and make some very interesting backgrounds. I was wondering if I could glue one of the folded paper ropes onto the sample card for a pin or pendant. However I think I'd like a smaller strip as these are about 1/4" wide and make just over a 1/2" cube. Do they make a paper shredder that cuts smaller strips? I tried my paper cutter but that is very time consuming and doesn't consistently cut an even strip when I got impatient and tried to hurry up.

See what happens when your beads are not easily accessible, you hate to throw anything useful out, and the creative urge hits you?

I guess tomorrow I go back to creatively painting 1970's fake dark wood cabinets a high gloss white.


  1. Hey, Judith. That looks like the same thing we did with wrappers off of stick gum when I was a little one. Gee, I haven't thought of that in decades!


  2. Dianne12:16 PM

    Thought you might be interested in seeing the work of someone I discovered a couple of years ago who is using the same technique to produce beautiful work:

  3. Thanks for the Link. Her work is really amazing. I'm just playing, hers is an art form.