August 8, 2009


I spent today gardening. The weather was almost ideal; cool, dry and sunny - perfect to be outside. It's sad to see what's left of the white Rhododendron, but with some care should fill out again in a couple of years. At least the guys running the big equipment scooped it out and then put it back when the big ditch was done. I'm just as glad that the overgrown ornamental evergreens are gone. I think I'll put an azalea near the back corner.

I keep looking, but the grass seed hasn't sprouted yet. Reminds me of my Grandfather-in-law, who got impatient one summer and claimed his corn wasn't growing fast enough. So he pulled it all out and planted again! Sigh, they say 10 days of watering 3 times a day and I should see new grass.

I took some time and went for a walk in our woods. You walk in under the tree line and it's like you are in a different world.

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