August 23, 2009

Portland Maine

It was raining yesterday and the work to the Elm Ave house was outside wall work. So we decided to run errands and ended up in Portland Maine on the waterfront. It's been a few years since I've been up there and the old charm has disappeared. It's been gentrified and is so upscale now. It was still a good afternoon to wander around.

Walked into one kitchen store and saw something that amazed me.... over 20 stainless containers of olive oil, vinegars and other oils.... all set up for tasting!
Yes Mam, my innards are getting a bit rusty, I'll take a shot of that there extrey virgin oil over there!

In Bisbee AZ there is a telephone pole that has hundreds of acorns studding the pole. The Acorn woodpeckers use it as a storage pantry.
In Maine I saw a pole with years of staples covering the surface. The urban use is for presenting information.
How many years does it take to get this many staples on a telephone pole?

It's just such a neat graphic when you take the background away.
The sun is not out today, but the weather report says only a small chance of rain. I'm tired of being damp. So hopefully my son and helpers will be able to get the back kitchen wall rebuilt today.

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