October 15, 2009

Bead Buying Binge!

I can relate to Sig Wynne-Evans blog post, What Have I Done? I think every beader goes on a bead buying binge from time to time. It seems to be as catching as the flu right now. I've heard that more than one bead maven has done the same thing recently.

Caravan Beads in Portland Maine is one of my favorite resources and I went there to get a few size 10/0 Delicas to try out for an experiment. I really needed only about 5 opaque colors .... and then I discovered that they had added 1/2 packs to their wholesale quantities. Hmmmm, thinks I ... Instead of 100 grams, I can order 50 grams of a color and my money will go farther. When the box came in yesterday I realized that 20 colors was a whole lot more than double the original 5 needed colors. Matte gunmetal, matte red AB, 4 gold lusters, and a couple of metallic bronzes seemed to have crept into my order. Instead of a few trial tubes, I now have to get another Plano box for what is the start of another bead size collection!

What started all of this is a new series of patterns I'm developing for bead crochet. These samples were done in a combination of Delicas, 15's and 11/0's. I want to go up in bead sizes and use 8's instead of 11's for the base. To do that I need a bead that is the same smaller size difference to the 8's as the 15's & Delicas are to the 11/0's.
Make sense?
Wait and let's see if it works.
No Easy Beads has said she'll give it a try it for me too.

I usually don't use Delicas for bead crochet as they don't move as well as the Czech beads. However, in this instance they are the right size difference and make a very crisp pattern on one side. Sometimes you just need to use a specific bead to get a special effect.

That's the reason I bought too many beads, but it's really just a convenient excuse as you can never have too many beads.

if you haven't read Sig's blog, it's quite funny and her
unique perspective on things often gives me a big chuckle.

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  1. Oh....I see you have a twin to one of my boxes...and it seems that it originated from the same place!! We should alert everyone that we may have found one of the sources of the current flu some of us have been getting!!