October 30, 2009

Summer Studio (to be)

Paint instead of wallpaper? Should be easy, I thought. Well, not when some idiot house manufacturer applied flocked vinyl wall paper right onto the wallboard. I tried wetting it. I tried one of those thingies that makes holes and then wetting it. Nothing, nada, it still pulled a lot of the underlying paper with it. So I resigned myself to a lot of work to get what I wanted, rolled up my sleeves and ....R i i i i p ... pulled it all off dry.

That meant picking at the edges of the wallboard paper to remove any that was still lose. Then I put a coat of "Gardz" sealer on the wall. That stuff sort of glues everything down and waterproofs the wall. Next came a skim coat of joint compound to even up the edges of the ripped paper. Sand all of that, touch up any places I missed and sand again. Next came a coat of "Bin" primer on the high gloss lower portion. I wanted the decorative molding gone, but the thought of repairing what would be left made me quickly change my mind.

Finally I could paint the studio walls. Two coats of matte gray paint and it looks pretty decent. I can still see the flaws here and there, but I don't think anyone else will notice them. Today will see the other half painted and then I can do the window and door trim
My arms and shoulders are tired. It sure has put me back into shape quicker than any gym workouts!
I have marks all over the floor trying to see where studio furniture will fit and work the best. Being visual, I need to see it, stand where my desk will go and look around. I still am wondering just how I'll get all of my creative junk into this room.
Now we're up against a 4 week deadline and it's looking like we'll move stuff in, winterize the house and head West for the winter. Taking the Southern route this year with a stop over in New Orleans. What fun as we'll have the best tour guide possible there.

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  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I kind of like the decorative molding. :)