April 23, 2010

Makin' Lemonade

Isn't lemonade what you're supposed to do when life gives you too many lemons?

I should know better, I've done it before, and tell myself to check the total bead supply before charging ahead with a project. I keep thinking I've got more beads of a size/color than I really do. Somehow I forget that they've been used in other projects and just remember buying a whole bunch ...... in this case, 20 years ago!

I've been working on variations of a Sequin Shag bracelet. I did a fancy one in silver and steel blue as a workshop example. However, I bought these strands of vinyl record heshis at the gem show and wanted to use them in the same way to showcase versatility and have an example on the opposite end of the fancy, glitzy bracelet.

Partway through the bracelet base I realized I didn't have enough of the deep reddish brown beads and really, really didn't have any more of them. I looked through each one of my 64 Plano boxes of beads thinking an extra tube might have gotten misfiled somehow. Nope, didn't happen and finding another hank of the same Czech 8's wasn't going to happen either.

I hate to take out work already done. Don't have the patience to "rippit" and start over. So I dug out some old fashioned primary colored opaque yellow and red beads and added a pattern to the base. Those striped record beads will be layered over the top, standing up like the silver/blue bracelet. I think it will work. I just hope the underneath design doesn't prove to make the whole piece look too busy. The intent here is to see the shaggy effect of the over-layed sequins.
So, it's snowing here in Tombstone this 23rd of April and I'm making lemonade just like it was the height of the warm weather.

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