December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas
Best wishes for the Season

I had some black steel wire left over from my recent necklace projects. This quick idea came to me with my first cup of coffee. Little bits of wire, round nose pliers, bending, wrapping, spiraling around a toothpick and adding some orphaned crystals gave me a 15 min. completed project. Hang it on your Christmas tree, in a sunny window, or add it to a last moment gift package. Feel free to take this idea and run with it. Bend your own wire, use up some of those orphaned beads and have something just a little bit special to give to someone who might need a holiday lift.

As for me, I'm singing, "The weather is delightful, nothing frightful . . ."
Frost on the ground early on, bright sunshine, classical music on the radio, and no snow anywhere.

Have a happy, joyous Christmas.


  1. What a great little ornament?

  2. Oops--that was supposed to be an exclamation mark. It is a great ornament.

  3. The happiest of holidays to you!!