December 19, 2010

Quiet AZ Sunday

The sun is out in full force and it's a cool 60 degrees here in Tombstone AZ today. It's sort of a puttering, lazy Sunday before the last of the Holiday rush. Had a nice brunch of home made waffles and NH maple syrup (local made by a friend).

I finished all of the components for this necklace while driving West last month. I'm finally getting around to putting it all together. It's been out & put away several times and I think it's really time to get it all done. Hopefully my table will stay clear of other projects long enough to finish up.

I confess . . . I collect old cookbooks and read them for fun. It seems that when you collect, you collect all sorts of odd things. Besides beads, I do cookbooks, returnable pie plates, balls, kitchen tinware, frosted glass shards, rusty metal and other interesting trivial bits & pieces. This book's title bothered me until I figured out that I'm used to seeing cooky spelled cookie. Somehow this seems appropriate reading for this time of the year. In fact, it has been back porch reading, in the warm sun today. Warm sun, rocking chair, good book and a glass of something cold - my idea of relaxing.

Last night the sunset was fantastic. Watching the sunsets from my studio window is one of my favorite pastimes here in the winter desert. Each one is better than the last. No clouds in the sky, so tonight may well be no color with just a flash of light as the sun goes down.
It's a nice feeling to let Sunday develop as it will with no plans, lists, or ideas of gotta do. The best part is that I still have the rest of the day left to unfold as it will.

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