December 17, 2010

Take it to your beading table?

Bead Crocheters . . .
What would you think of having your bead crochet patterns on an Android Tablet? Being able to design on the same tablet and taking it to your beading table to string from either the graph or a stringing table? Yes, I know it isn't an "i-anything", but the 8" Android tablets are way less expensive and more in the price range of beaders like myself.

Do any of you have (or plan to have) an Android Tablet? If this project keeps going like it is right now, The programmer will be looking for someone other than myself, to do some testing. What I've seen so far impresses me as it's so quick & responsive and I can rotate the graph to see how things line up. I can't wait to see how the stringing table, with the working line highlighted, looks. I'm excited and never realized something like this might be on my wish list. For heavens sake, I don't even use a cell phone.

If you want me to get back in touch with you, you'll need to give me your email or other way to contact you.

Oh, and another thought:
. . . other nice thing is that you can put other beading patterns on this if they are PDF's. This tablet (sigh, the programmer's, not mine) has the full content of "Bead Crochet Ropes" & "Triangular Bead Crochet Ropes" on it in PDF format and I can scroll through the pages with a flick of a finger. Could I even think about getting rid of my piles and piles of paper patterns?


  1. It's the world of modern technology great!
    I can do that now with my iPod but it would be ever better on a iPad or the other new gadget.

  2. Hi Judith,

    I dont' have the gadget at this time, but I think it is a great idea. If the programmer wants a tester you can get in touch with me. susanki at gmail dot com.

  3. yay! Another great reason to buy one! Seriously, I can see where this could be very helpful.

  4. I've been researching tablets, and saving each month - waiting to see what's coming out this Spring. I love my iPod, and want to be able to use all of my apps and music on the new device. Plus - I'd love to be able to design some beading projects. I use the Kumihimo disk and beading looms - I haven't been able to get the hang of bead crochet yet. But I'd love to be able to design "on the road" on a portable device (more portable than my laptop). I'd like to be able to transfer my design to my laptop and print it out in the size of my choice. I like to print on index cards so I can prop them up while I'm weaving on the loom. While designing, I'd love the option to copy design portions that repeat. I recently e-mailed someone who already has a bead designer program, but he said he'd never write his program to work on the iPad. I'd love, love, love it if this programmer can write a bead design program to use on the iPad as well as a Windows-based system. I'm waiting for the iPad 2, but if the timing works out, I'd love to be a tester!!!

  5. I'd love to know how Beverly does this on her iPod.... I've been searching for months!