January 4, 2012

Buy her a cup of coffee

You need to check out Beaded Laughter. Sylvie has done a "Hey Girl" series that has had me in stitches. Each one has been better than the last one. She did my heart throb and beading passion and I love it. Magic happened, yes it did. If you get a chuckle out of her humor, look at her sidebar and go buy the woman a cup of coffee. She needs it to keep her going and get ready for the Best Bead Show in Tucson.

P.S. Sylvie also makes some awesome beads.... I have one of her treasures.
Sylvie Beads

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  1. I love him, I could just listen to him talk for hours. And in a tux too :-) And on top of all that it made me laugh. What a perfect treat for my Thursday!