January 31, 2012

Tucson 2012 - day 1

It's great weather for Tucson Gem Show shopping. Lots of walking though as you can see . . . that's half way from the car.

I'm not going to say much as the 'ol body is tired and the mind is in sensory overload from hours of looking, talking, picking up, admiring and buying a few things.

Gee, Mom, all these beads just jumped into my bag and came home with me!

The new and different (to me) were these etched Czech picasso beads. What fun. . . rusty looking glass beads. They hit my Oh Wow point and will go into my iron wire stash.

Now, here I made a mistake. I didn't know that these were two-hole daggers until I got home. Hadn't seen two-hole daggers before. Wonder what one could do with daggers like these?

I think I'll put my feet up now and indulge in a glass of wine to unwind.


  1. oh Lucky Lucky YOU!! :) Wish I could be there!
    LOVE those 2 hole daggers, they are really pretty. You could always ignore 1 hole....


  2. Ooo, those picasso beads are wonderful!