January 18, 2012

Native Stripes - three sections done

Three weeks into the Native Stripes String-along and you can begin to see what some of the ropes are going to look like. The above photo is my master rope. The patterns are building and the colors are as diverse as the participants.

Can't make up your mind as to what colors you want to use? Then do as some have done... start more than one rope. Anne has three very different colorways going, but equally as effective.

Mary Ann added her own twist to the third section and used some other small patterns to replace the bead soup section. Isn't it a bright, happy combination?

I set things up to allow the use of a solid color in place of the bead soup mix. Marty has put the idea to very good use. Her rope has the look of the traditional Balkan bead crochet work.

Barbara threw some terracotta colored beads in to the mix to tone down her bead soup mix. I can't wait to see where she ends up using them in the pattern sections.

As there is no real time limit on this String-Along, people are in all different stages with their pieces. I enjoy seeing what a group of people come up with for colors and how personal the exact same patterns become.

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