March 27, 2012

Beautiful Bead Crochet

I'm working on my taxes and am very grouchy.  Of course, I've procrastinated and done it to myself, so there are no excuses. But, I'm still quite grouchy anyway.

I have received two out of the four Native Stripes Necklaces that I will be using as color inspirations in the Gallery when I finish making the Native Stripes pattern set into an eBook.  I just had to share how different and beautiful they all are. This is so exciting that now I don't want to go back to doing bookkeeping for the IRS.


  1. Isn't it amazing what a change in colorway does to the basic pattern?
    I feel for you on the taxes. It is such a pain to keep up the books and an even worse pain if you have not kept up the bookwork!

  2. Look how wonderful they all look together!