March 10, 2012

Creative Interlude

 I have this box of strange stuff that I've been adding to for a couple of years:  wire, keys, rusty things, found objects, etc.

Every once in a while I have a block of spare time to play with the contents of the box.  It's a complete opposite to bead crochet and liberates my creative brain.Wonder what some of it would look like combined with resin?

Then I have this idea for magnetic resin clasps for bead crochet necklaces and bracelets.  I've played around with a couple of prototypes made out of old vintage resin beads.  The idea is great, but I want to control the shapes and colors.  I've some theoretical shapes and colors floating that need to be explored.

I could spend a lot of time finding information on working with resin.  Then I could spend even more time and materials experimenting with it all.

Or, I could go take a workshop.

 Yea, light bulb goes off.... Bead Fest Santa Fe is right around the corner and it's only an 8 hr. drive.

Some quick looks at the Bead Fest site turns up what sounds like the perfect  workshop to learn the basics. The instructor's bio says, " Meredith Arnold is a comedian-artist specializing in jewelry and mixed media work. Her classes are like drinking from a fire hose with information, but lots of fun as well."  Sounds like I might have some fun along with learning something.  

Found a cheap motel room, got gas money and a man willing to take off and drive 16 hrs. round trip...... There was room in the workshop so I am all set to take a creative road trip.  

The icing on the cake is an opportunity to finally meet Mary Tafoya.  I've been in internet touch with her for years and have always liked what she does with beads and found objects. I also hope to catch up with a few other New Mexican beaders that I sort of know.  It's great to be able to put faces and personalities to names.

So now I need to quickly put life responsibilities in order to be able to take off for 4 days.  It'll be a great feeling to go do something so diffrent from my usual creative endevors.

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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Have a wonderful time! The bead cap idea sound interesting. Maybe you will have it worked out by the time we hopefully do our next string-a-long and then we can buy the findings from you.