March 31, 2012

Bragging Rights - Urban Stripes

Take a pattern set, or just one piece of a set and make it your own.  
Here are two examples of just what I'm talking about.

Beautiful Bead Crochet Ropes

My colorway for the bracelet
 Julie Beck, of California, took the Bracelet pattern from the Urban Stripes eBook (Section #4, page 6) and made it into a stunning necklace.  She used Permanent Galvanized 11/0 beads for a 58" endless necklace.  This metallic version deserves to be recognized as something very special.

Betty Brittenham, from Wisconsin... or Cold Door County, as she calls it, Sent me photos of her interpretation of the first Urban Stripes necklace. She says, "I did the background in a deep matte forrest green with shiny rust and matte vanilla as the first 3 colors.  I used spot colors of bronze, marbled light green and a tad bit of black."  She used some of my favorite colors in this example and it makes me want to do another necklace set in similar colors.  I'm so pleased to see pieces like this one with a color set that is personal to the maker.  I think you all will agree that this is an outstanding piece.

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