March 4, 2012

Native Stripes - String-Along Progress

 The members have gotten the last pattern section of Native Stripes and I'm starting to see some beautiful finished pieces.  Just to show you what can be done with individual patterns, Julie made Section #7 into a bracelet.  The fish pattern was deemed to be cute and worthy of use as a stand-alone motif.
Karen has finished the necklace that I dubbed "Viking Stripes".  She decided to finish it as a continuous loop necklace.  Compared to the crayon bright that I'm doing, this is such an elegant, sophisticated rope.

Julie also finished hers as a closed loop.  When done this way, they will loop three times around the neck.  The subtle, earthy tones came out just beautiful. 

 As I've said before, it's a unique experience to see what each individual has done with the exact same patterns.  Helen's rope is finished through Section #6.  She used bright colors, but made her own mix. 

Although I like all of the ropes, Mariana's piece is one of my favorites.  The colors are still bright, but don't scream at you.  She's through Section #9 in this photo and it's going to be stunning when done.

Mel is finished, but is waiting for a unique focal bead to finish her necklace.  This is such a glitzy happy piece that I'd almost want to put it on and go dancing.

Two month's worth of patterns, many discussions about colors and beads, and we come to the end of another String-Along.  I'm writing up the finishing instructions and waiting to see more completed necklaces.  This is where I get to see how all of the detail parts/patterns come together.  It's fun!

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