June 15, 2012

African Stripes Countdown

There are only 5 spots left in the African Stripes String-Along. If you were thinking about joining in, now is the time to do it.  If all the slots are filled I'd start the project a bit earlier than July 1st.  Meanwhile, the early registrants  are considering what colors they want to use, buying beads, or sorting through their stashes for good colors to use.  I did two swatch bracelets to see just how my light and dark colors are going to work in the Mud Cloth Necklace. If you join in, this is the first pattern you'll get so that you can get your feet wet before we start in on the first 50" necklace.

Come join us for some bead crochet fun


  1. Where can i get those amazing magnetic clasps? :)

    1. I'm making my own clasps in resin as I could not find what I wanted commercially.

    2. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Do you plan on making them available for purchase?

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Hi is there a pattern available for the above design?