June 23, 2012

Black & White Vs. Colors

 It's finally Summer in New Hampshire and a couple of hot 'n muggy days has highlighted it.  I'm waiting for my big bed of orange day lilies to bloom.  It's going to be one huge splash of orange in about a week.  Day lilies in bloom tell me that the summer holidays are really here.
I guess I wasn't thinking that I'd crave light, bright colors in June.  Back in February I picked a palette of colors  for the African String-Along and decided to start with a black and white necklace.  For a couple of months now I've been playing with black and white patterns for the first necklace.  Yes, it fits the theme of an African mud cloth with both patterns and colors.  However, I'm really wanting color - bright colors.
If I had the time, these are some of the two color combinations that I would think about using.  I'm especially drawn to the pumpkin and blue at the bottom center.  I've often wondered how fashion designers manage to always be working with color a season (or three) ahead of time.

The African Stripes String-Along is ready to start next week.  I hope to be able to share what a creative group of 40 people do with my patterns as we go along. They use my colors or pick their own combination and I give them a pattern section a week til the necklace is finished. Once again, this will be an interesting journey.

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