June 12, 2012

Epic Fail

My son had a Birthday yesterday and today I sent him this photo.  I had good intentions and started out to bake him a birthday cake.  Well, that cake just didn't want to be a cake.
          * it didn't rise... it was flat as a pancake and sort of  like two dry cracker
          * I set it aside to make coffee.  Next thing I know all of the cake crumbs ran
             off the plate.
          * danged sugar ants are going to drive me crazy in the kitchen, no matter what
             I do to get rid of them.
          * so I set the plate out on the deck and made my coffee - boy did I need a
             cup of coffee!
          * Later I went to get the cake plate and there was a red squirrel sitting in the
             middle of the plate, happily munching away. Surprised the chipmunks didn't
             find it first.

The remains have now gone to feed my compost pile.  The way things have been going in the kitchen lately, I think I may just have to retire as a cook.

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Judith - have you ever tried cucumber skins to get rid of the ants? I used to get them in the Spring....they would come in my back door, march along the edge of the dining room carpet, turn left and invade my kitchen! I saved the cuke skins and laid them in a row along the baseboard in the house and a couple outside the back door. Worked every spring! Jeanne Evans