August 23, 2012

African Stripes - more Mud Cloth

 This is just fantastic and a true labor of love . . . Cathey has made a 60" necklace in 15/0 seed beads. The patterns show up so well in this size beads.

Amy has finished two Mud Cloth necklaces, this one in the traditional black & white and another, further on down in blue & white.   She says she is struggling with the invisible join.  Don't we all at one time or another?

Mariana's necklace is in a traditional color set of red and black.  I think that the use of the white drops adds a lot to the piece.

I think I see a theme here with the Mud Cloth made with blue and white.  I wouldn't have thought of this color combination, but now that I see several necklaces done this way I can say that it has become one of my favorite color combinations.

This is Amy's second necklace.  Look at the accent of a brighter blue in the diamond and hourglass figures.
Here is Karen's finished necklace.  The combination of cobalt and silver is outstanding. She did not swap  to a white background color at the midpoint.

Compare it to the next necklace and see how different it makes it look. .

Peggy's rope is another in the blue set. It's all done in 10/0 Delicas.  I really like the use of this bead size in detailed pattern work like this.  It crochets faster than in 11's, but has better pattern definition that in 8's.

Peggy did swap the background color at the midpoint.  You can see how different it looks from Karen's necklace. That's the great fun of a String-Along -- you can take the base pattern set and customize it in your own colors as well as play with the overall look of a piece.  Everything here is exactly the same pattern set, but personalized.


  1. Judith.... I really love the way your "stripes" series' are varied down the whole rope. When worn it just looks great!