August 15, 2012

African Stripes ~ Mud Cloth Necklaces

 I think you are going to really like what some of the finished pieces look like. I'm in awe of what such a divergent group beaders can do with my patterns. 

We have a new model who says, "you all are absolutely crazy!"

Mel's earthy, archaeological looking Mud Cloth Necklace turned out quite well and looks great... even if the Princess was unhappy to have a camera pointed her way.

Barbara had to add to each section to make her necklace come out to the right length.  It's nice to know that the patterns still look just great in smaller beads and more section repeats.

Maria decided to finish hers as a lariat and added a reverse-color, extra triangular section for a bit of symmetry at the ends.  She's still deciding just how to finish off the ends.  Don't the 10/0 Delicas make a nice crisp pattern? A lariat is a perfect way to showcase this rope.

Marcie added a hint of red with the transparent drops.  Between the drops and the dyed bone rings, she has a unique necklace.

Terri did her necklace in 11/0 seed beads and kept the drops going throughout the whole piece. Very nice touch of subtle texture throughout.   She also kindly kept track of what she did and we now have a record of what it takes to make a 50" Mud Cloth in 11/0 seed beads. Terri, you're awesome!

 This is a fantastic color combination.  Rossana's use of a more mud colored background bead shows how you can choose colors that you like and still maintain the spirit of the project.

One of our wilder British beaders vowed to only use beads she already had for this project.  I think I'd like to be able to rummage around in Toni's bead box.  I think it pulls together for a delightfully different look.  The small piece is a test of the colors she is going to add into the second necklace. I do like the look of lime green in most anything.
Victoria tells us that she crochets on the train while commuting.  It's given her the time to make three separate necklaces in different colorways. They are all beautiful, but I'm particularly drawn to the subtly of the one on the right. Now that's little black dress elegant.  Also, look at all three together (far right) -  the same pattern, how different they all look, but also how good they would look together.

As you can see, some have finished and others are at different stages of completing their Mud Cloth Necklaces.  Meanwhile we have just started on the second necklace, Love Letters.  Adding in 4 more colors is exciting after working with only 2 colors. I can't wait to see what colors everyone has picked.


  1. They are all so beautiful! Thank you, Judith, for this wonderful project :)

  2. Thank you for sharing. They look wonderful!

  3. Absolutely amazing talent. Love the look with the smaller (11s) beads. Did anyone try 15s? Is the pattern for the 11s available??

    1. Yes, one is being done in 15's. Pattern set will be in eBook in October - info for 11's includes. Watch my Blog for announcement.