August 24, 2012

Sights of a NH Summer

I got a new traveling camera today and had to go try it out.  I'd been wanting a camera for the car that had more of a telephoto aspect to it so that I could get photos of clock towers and other far off interesting things.  I'm happy to say that I think this Nikon L810 is going to do the job nicely.

We've been watching the old Antique Barn just down the road from us turn into an ice cream, vegetable and local produce market all summer. It's finally open and then this blue cow just appeared in the parking lot.  They say it's a blue ox, but it sure looks like a plain blue-painted cow to me.
A piece down the road is Beard's Brook, well hidden local, swimming pond.  The water is as low as I've seen it in August, even though it seems as if every time I turn around it's raining again.
The water was still and you couldn't see it moving.
This stump is usually underwater.  It's across the pond and yet the camera picked up every little detail of it.
One of my favorite stone arch bridges.  Sometimes I surprise myself with a photograph.  I love the reflection that makes the arch look like a complete circle.

 We stopped in Hillsboro Center, late 1700's settlement.  The Lost Animal Pound is a beautiful example of the stone walls you see along roads and disappearing into the woods.

The founder of Hillsboro, John Hill, donated a triangle of land with this pound, the cemetery,and  buildings in 1769.  It is all maintained beautifully.

 Up the road is the old schoolhouse, a nice prim & proper New England white clapboard building.

Gray shingles and barn red trim. . . all behind the garden and fruit trees.  This is why I wanted this kind of camera.  This shot was taken from 2 fields away.

New England cemeteries, granite and the oldest slate headstones, leaning every which way.

Winters can be cold and thrifty residents still heat with wood.  A well stacked wood pile means a warm house this winter.

 The grass has gone to seed, and I saw red leaves on more than a few maple trees during our afternoon's drive.

 I am pleased with the photos my new camera took. It was a great day to be out for a drive -- a nice 15 mile loop from the house.

I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse of what New Hampshire looks like in late August.


  1. toni fine12:06 AM

    Enjoyed?? I loved it. can I come live with you please??? ;)

  2. Your cow has an a extra appendage there. I cry bull!

    1. Mel, after all your cow stories over the years, you may be right!

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  4. It still looks like a cow to me. You captured a lot of interesting things and scenery. Your new camera definitely is something to be proud of.

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  5. Great capture of photos. Love the thoughts you have. Thanks for posting this one. Keep posting please.