August 4, 2012

Mud Cloth Necklace Finishing Up

Six weeks, six sections and the Mud Cloth Necklace is ready to close up and wear.  The 2-color design wasn't an easy String-Along to pull together as pattern was more important than color.  However, I'm ever so pleased with the final results of this necklace.  When I step back and look at the overall piece, I like how the negative and positive spaces work with each other.

Cathey has been doing her necklace in 15/0 beads.  She shared a photo of the size difference against her 8/0 Urban Stripes necklace.  What a difference the size of the beads make.

Elena M. is doing two necklaces in beige and black, one the negative of the other.  What is fantastic is the fact that she just taught herself to bead crochet.  This is going to be stunning as a pair.

Susan Beth finally got her necklace long enough to curl up into Olympic Rings. She is following along with my published size and colors.

Terri fell in love with the drops in section #1 and has continued to substitute drops into the pattern  in every section.  As she is using 11/0 beads, it adds that bit of texture to the whole piece.

I thought you might like to see how Peggy's blue necklace is progressing with the 10/0 Delica beads.  It makes the patterns so nice and crisp.

Marlene ran into a glitch after getting 2 necklaces quite far along.  She had to pull out a lot of work to correct them.  I wanted you to see what bright color could do to a basic black and white pattern set.  Of course, if you look at her other work, you'll see that this is just her style.

We are now ready to close up the black and whites and move onto the second necklace.  Love Letters will be brightly colored in the African beadwork tradition.

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