February 25, 2007

Arizona Beading

Arizona winters can be cool, but not as cold as other parts of the country. Bright blue skies over hills and mountains are what I see when I look out of my bead room window to the south.

Last week I spent a day beading with friends in Huachuca City. It was a beautiful day in the desert as we gathered in Electa's bead house.

We gossiped, told stories, teased each other, laughed and beaded. Electa fixed a great barbecue lasagna for lunch. I had never had anything like this before, and it was outstanding.

Left to right - Electa, Helen, Pennie

In between we worked on beading projects and Pennie swears that the bracelet she was working on should have been a yard long, not just a couple of inches.
Here is how mature, grown women play beads.... they get on the floor with a peyote pattern book and try to find the Delica beads that the pattern calls for. Not much different from being a youngster again playing jacks!

Days in the winter desert seem to end in style. Sunsets that make me run for the camera. I'm fortunate as I can see both the sunrise and sunset from my beadroom work table.


  1. I love the sunsets in AZ. Looks like you had a great time beading with Electra and friends.

  2. The sunsets help to make up for the dust, snakes, and scorpions! The sunsets are just as gorgeous up here in Kingman! And the stars at night! I have never seen them like they are here- not in MN,WY,FL,CA, or anywhere else.