February 18, 2007

A Designing Trip

Yesterday I was looking up a snake in my Audubon book when I ran across this beautiful Grass Snake.... I thought, Snake + my favorite lime green = bead crochet rope!

This rope needed to be a pattern that ran parallel to the length of the rope and did not spiral. I graphed what I thought would work in 2 shades of green with a cream colored belly. This type of pattern is what I call "The Thirteenth Bead"; an odd number of beads in a repeat crocheted in an even number around - in this case a 13 bead repeat crocheted in 6-around.

OOPS, somehow I got a dotted patterned belly rather than a solid color and I really didn't like any of the green shades that I had chosen. However, on closer inspection, the pattern I did get looked like a zipper and was interesting in it's own way.

This led to trying the "zipper" in matte root beer and matte crayon colors. OK, still interesting, but a bit too busy to suit me. So, the next effort was in black & white, which are easy colors to see what's really happening with a pattern. Those who know me also know that I just can't leave something alone..... I wondered what would happen to the the cross section of the rope if I used drops for one element? In the back of my mind was a possible snake vertebrae effect. Now this pattern was really getting interesting and I like the last two large-bead effects. Those two I think I'll keep and write up for Bead-Patterns some time in the future.

I still don't have a Grass Snake pattern, but I'll give that another go again tomorrow. Just remember to never throw out a mistake pattern or stringing as you never know what interesting thing you might come up with.

Serendipity Zipper Pattern
crochet in 6-around
2B, 3A, 2B, 6A
B= zipper color
A= background color
If you try this one, let me know how you like it and what you came up with.

Tucson Beads in Use

I started a "Snazzy Chain" necklace with the turquoise chips and coral drops that I purchased on one my Tucson bead buying trips. I really like how it's coming out with the copper metallic thread.


  1. My first reaction is "Why the heck was she looking up snake pictures?" but then I realized that I don't really want to know.....

    But it's funny when you do try something and something else comes out of it.

    Hope that your toes are warmer now.

  2. Well, there ws this very cold snake that tried to slither into my studio and I wanted to know if it was friendly or not. Snakes are considered Good Luck in some societies.