February 9, 2007

Tucson Report II

DONE SHOPPING .... for another year I've finished my two weeks of Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows.... my feet hurt and I'm tired - I'm in sensory overload with all I've looked at. The knitted felt bag you see on the chair went with me every day and was the hit of the shows. I got stopped numerous times by people admiring it. Two people asked if they could take photos to show to friends with the cry, "I want them to do one for me!" Thanks Jen, it's a big hit and I love it.

At the Holidome I took several breaks just to listen to the Andean Nation play. I love listening to the music of the high Altiplano pan pipes.

I did the Holidome with my sister Tina, Cherie and Annette - 3 tents, 10 hours and very full bags of neat things. The one thing about the shows that impressed me was the attitude of all of the shuttle and transport drivers: all cheerful, usually funny, and very helpful.

Going on a Wednesday meant that it was not as crowded as on other days.

The next day Annette and I went to the Palo Verde Show to have fun and to look at the rocks & mineral specimens. We admired what Mother Nature offered up. Rutilated quartz was everywhere and when it was back lit you could see what looked like fine hairs within the specimens.

I found one fluorite sphere that had my Daughter-in-law's name on it. I can enjoy holding it and looking into it until I return to NH and hand it over to it's owner.


Here is a selection of things that I found interesting and which came home with me. The turquoise and coral will become a "Snazzy Chain" necklace.

Other than the 11/0 1-cut marcasite beads, I didn't add any seed beads to my collection. I was fascinated with the matte black onyx that I saw here and there. I bought myself a few strands of 6 mm rondells. I'm not sure what I will be doing with these stone accent beads, but they will go into my collection waiting for that creative urge to use them.

My very last stop was at Gary Wilson's booth for a selection of his unusual beads and cabs. This year I brought home drilled rocks - no fancy, polished minerals.... just rather neat rocks. They contrast so well with the delicacy of seed beads.


  1. Great picture of the bag, Judith! And I find it too funny that something I knitted would be "the hit of the [bead] shows"...LOL!

    Love the drilled rocks. Don't know why, but there's something about taking an ordinary rock and putting a hole in it. You can't help but want to handle it, put your finger in the hole, look through it, play with it...can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. I am coveting that bag. I might have to beg the knitter that I know to make me one similar. Awesome finds in Tucson!! One of these years I'll make it there!