February 21, 2007

Tribal Stripes Necklace

I've had this necklace waiting to be finished for about six months now. I think it was just waiting for the rings to show up. The rings are probably 1940's plastic curtain rings or crochet forms - I'm not really sure. However, they have a nice sound to them and I liked how they added some interest to the necklace.

The other impetus to finishing the necklace is that I'm headed to Chicago for 4 days and I wanted something dramatic to wear with all the gray and charcoal shades I have in my limited Arizona winter wardrobe. This is what the 3 necklaces look like when twined together. I think they will do nicely as my only jewelery for the trip. The three pieces are various combinations of elements from my Tribal Stripes patterns that can be found on Bead-Patterns.

Just how often do beaders hurry up and finish or quickly make a piece just to wear with an outfit or for some special occasion? I seem to do it fairly frequently. I think it happens more often than we'd all like to think about.

1 comment:

  1. Those rings are perfect, Judith. What a great idea!