August 26, 2007

Bead Journal - August

August means a decision made and drastic personal life change for me. I know that I want my August page to somehow reflect that fact.

A year ago I met an almost vintage Knight in slightly dented armour on the Internet. We dated last year and then spent 6 months on the phone, 2,600 miles apart before I returned to New Hampshire for the summer. This month we became "an item", to use vintage terminology. He has an aversion to typing or writing, but did put his thoughts about falling in love down on paper. The sentiments brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. I had to turn those words into a more tangible memory and created an ATC sized card. Then I thought about how I might represent those words in beads for my journal page.

Flames came to mind, and more specifically the magnetic California flames on my Element. Double significance? He and I spent 9,000+ miles in that car (24/7) during the last year. You really get to know and find out just how well you tolerate another person other under those circumstances.

This is the image I created to do the beading. I have a cabochon that I'll use for the "ember". I'm not sure yet just what color I'll use for the background, or even if I'll do a beaded background. Once again, I'll step outside of my personal comfort level and bead mostly to a pre-designed pattern. The background may well revert to free form bead embroidery. As usual, the beads themselves will decide just what the final piece will look like. My July page is almost finished and I'm getting ready to bead August's... just a wee bit later than I'd like.

R.L.R., I treasure your presence in my life and the August Bead Journal page is dedicated to you and the time we hope to spend with each other out into the future.


  1. How beautiful that will be! And how wonderful his words are. You are a blessed woman.

    I'm so happy for you and Bob. And I've been enjoying watching your bead journal come together.

  2. They all look beautiful to me...looking forward to hearing more background thinking.

  3. That brough tears of happiness to my eyes for both you and Bob. Having met Bob I know that you found a treasure!! Blessings to both of you for a wonderful future together.

  4. If you and Bob have the energy together this page is going to have, you no doubt will be haveing a great future.

  5. Beautiful -- words and album page. Makes one believe than can be a happy ending. Blessings to you both.

  6. May your future together be as bright as the ember and flame on your page!

    Kathy V in NM

  7. Judith I'm very happy for you. What a lovely poem and a meaningful August page!