August 12, 2007

Bead Journal - July

July's "Celebrate Summer" page is well underway with beads going onto backing. I'm trying something new for me, which is beading to a pre-drawn design. The worst part of this one was getting the printer to like the backing. It took several tries to get it to feed smoothly.

Already, I know that the design is only a launching pad as the beads won't fit nicely into the outlines. I like how the beads give the flat image depth and texture. That's just fine with me as the fun in bead embroidery is letting the beads decide what's going to happen. My idea is to use only 2 colors, but change the transparency and finishes of both the blue and red. Once the bug's body is beaded, I'll cut it out, edge it and applique it to a fabric backing and bead the legs on that part. Not totally 3-D, but still more depth to the piece.

I guess I'm still on my personal time table (15th to 15th of next month) with these pieces as it isn't the middle of August yet. I do have the theme and design for August already worked out and printed on backing. So, when I finish beading July's, I can move right along with August's page.


  1. I think it is looking wonderful. I love the colors of the bug. It will be fun to see it attached to the fabric, with the legs beaded onto that part. Fun!

  2. I like the flexibility of our schedules in this journal...I did the first two months early in each month, but this month I had to wait for some important events to happen first so I haven't actually started beading yet...

  3. I am a big fan of "working out of the box" -- just ask my husband. My order of doing pages has been somewhat skewed also. June was done, what I thought was going to be July has turned out to be August, and I am in the midst of getting July done now. Kinda makes things interesting, right?

    Kathy V in NM