August 26, 2007

NH August Heat

August a year ago was Hot, Hot, Hot..... This spring, when I returned for the summer, it was very muggy and I broke down and bought a window A/C. Yesterday It was 95 outside and the small A/C was only keeping the apartment around 81 degrees. That was sure a heck of a lot better than the 100 degrees in my kitchen a year ago! Guess the summer's are getting warmer, or I'm getting older and feeling the humidity/heat more. I never even had A/C in my car until one spring trip from AZ to NH when it was 100+ in New Mexico and I was unsure if I poured more water on me or in me! Now I even use the car A/C in NH in the summer.

At least, with the more moderate indoor temperatures, I actually feel like beading or doing things rather than just puddling on the floor!

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