August 6, 2007

Lake Sunapee Craft Fair

League of NH Craftsmen Celebrates its 75th Anniversary.
Every year they have a Craft Fair that is the oldest running in the country. This year the Bead Society of NH had an informational table in the Guild Tent to promote the Society. I took my turn talking to the public on Sunday afternoon and it was a glorious day to be out on the mountain - bright sunshine, a slight breeze and cool temperatures. We had a display of member's work and various members sat demonstrating their own bead projects. It was a great afternoon spent talking to the people who stopped to admire the work. I had a good visit with other BSNH members and got to walk the fair looking at a lot of beautiful things.
I wish I could show you what Kathleen Dustin is doing now. I touched (fondled), looked at her stuff and had to remind myself it was clay and not something that had been growing in a field somewhere. Her site doesn't have her latest large "seed pods" on it. Gail Crossman-Moore is doing much more felt work in addition to glass beads. She had her red gathered felt things hanging in the booth - they are fun, funky and just rather neat looking.
I got to visit for a little bit with Ann Dillon in the Shop at the Fair tent. I get to visit with Ann throughout the Summer and we have some great creative brainstorming sessions. While I was showing my boyfriend around and introducing him to some of my various friends in the arts, I realized how truly fortunate I am to be friends with some of the top notch artists out there.... and I include all of the beadtrekers in that group.
I couldn't resist - I just had to buy them!
I walked by Susan Samitz's booth more than once and her colors kept catching my eye. Finally, I just couldn't resist and had to have this pair of her earrings for my collection. (lime green, of course) Isn't her use of polymer and colored Niobium wire delightful?

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  1. My family and I used to go to this art fair every year when I lived in MA. I still have a pair of porcelain leaf earrings and beautiful niobium metal earrings from 30 years ago. I loved looking at the artist's work, thank you for sharing the links.