October 17, 2007

Bead Sizes - Part II

I did an earlier post about Czech Republic and Japanese Seed Bead sizes. Now I can add the Japanese cylinder beads, manufactured by two companies: Miyuki and Toho. These beads have thin walls, large holes and are quite regular in size and shape. They come in hundreds of beautiful colors and are expensive.

I don't like using them in bead crochet as they tend to click together like small tiles and make a tighter, stiffer rope. However, when you want a rope with a nice crisp cross section, they work beautifully. This test bracelet (crocheted by Jen K.) would be a great place to use cylinder beads.

Here is a pattern if you want to see what cylinder beads look like in bead crochet. Warning: this is a JPEG photo so it is a bit fuzzy. It is also a test pattern and does not tell you how to get different colors on different sides of the triangle & twists.

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