October 2, 2007

Bead Sizes

I was showing a non-beading, computer friend the difference in bead sizes and shapes and then thought the photos were interesting enough to share here.

Japanese seed beads are the most regular in size and have a less rounded shape than those from the Czech Republic. However there are still variations as you can see in the two size 8/0 beads. They come with numbered colors so you stand a chance of getting the same colors again. Just look out for lot color variations.

Seed beads from the Czech Republic are nice rounded, pot-bellied beads. I like to use these in bead crochet ropes because they move against each other like ball bearings and add to the suppleness of the work. Besides, these come in a wide range of luscious, unusual colors. Just don't ever expect to find the same colors again a year or two later.

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